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Main Duties

This professional is responsible for preparing and serving drinks to customers,
performing the bar service and keeping the order and hygiene of the place to ensure good service to customers.


  • Review all vats, tubes and tubs and reset if necessary.
  • Review the acai berry machine and reset if necessary.
  • Check the operation, organization and cleaning of the material used and the facilities, inspecting the workplace, equipment and utensils in use to ensure its good presentation and hygiene.
  • Check and measure the temperature of refrigerators daily.
  • Check the validity, ensure the due labelling and quality of all items, including those already handled, and write down the waste in the respective report.
  • Check the equipment temperature.
  • Control product losses, considering the quality of the beverages served.
  • Be responsible for checking the cleaning and organization of the workplace at the end of the operation, facilitating the start of work the next day.
  • Serve customers respecting and applying the Rules of Service.
  • Act as cashier, receiving according to the payment method chosen by the customer.
  • Sanitize the work environment.

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